The Moth is “Disrupting Storytelling”

September 19, 2017
Imagine a sultry summer evening. A couple of friends are gathered around when someone pipes up and says, "Did I ever tell you the story about..." And then a great yarn is unfurled. Well, that moment, that feeling, was exactly what poet and novelist George Dawes Green wanted to create in 1997. Only with a stage. And nothing but a storyteller. A microphone. And an audience. Twenty years later, The Moth is now one of the world's most successful, influential, and entertaining cultural forces. Have a listen to this special LIVE Disruptor Series with Moth storyteller, Liel Leibovitz and a conversation with Artistic Director Catherine Burns.

Delmonico’s is “Disrupting Fine Dining”

September 12, 2017
America's first restaurant is also one of the world's most disruptive. And in a world where 70% of restaurants fail, this year, Delmonico's is celebrating its 180th anniversary. Their key ingredient for success? Innovation. Delmonico's was the first to call itself a "restaurant," the first to operate as "farm to table," the first to print menus, the first to use table cloths, the first to have a wine cellar and the first restaurant to allow women to eat unaccompanied by men. Delmonico's was also the inventor of favorites like Eggs Benedict, Lobster Newberg and Baked Alaska. Listen in as Rob sits down with Delmonico's owner and managing partner Dennis Turcinovic and head of sales and marketing Carin Sarafian, to discuss why Delmonico's next 180 years will be as disruptive as the first 180.

Nancy is “Disrupting Madison Avenue”

September 7, 2017
Professor Nancy Tag is injecting new life and new blood into Madison Avenue from the heart of Harlem. From her modern classrooms at fabled City College of New York, she is spearheading the BIC (Brand + Integrated) Masters Degree Program. Her mission is to make marketing and advertising as smart, diverse and savvy as the students she's recruiting and teaching. Listen in as Rob and Nancy talk about the past, present and future of advertising -- and the people and ideas who have and will shape it.

Shingy is “Disrupting Prophecy”

August 30, 2017

There's Cher, there's Madonna and there is Shingy. David Shing, known to all far and wide as "Shingy," is the Digital Prophet for the newly formed media holding company, Oath. And by the way, that's his actual title, "Digital Prophet." A graphic designer by trade, Shingy has been clarifying and proselytizing the power and wonder of all things digital for well more than a decade. Listen in as Rob and Shingy unpack a variety of topics from the quality of work at Cannes Lions to the future of wearables to the nature and possibility of brand fame in our ever-connected age. Want to know more about the future? Hear Shingy today. 


Eboni is “Disrupting the News”

August 23, 2017
 It's rare when someone who reports the news, makes the news. But that's exactly what happened this week when Fox News' Eboni K. Williams delivered her incisive and impassioned critique of President Donald Trump's handling of the incendiary events in Charlottesville. On this episode of the Disruptor Series Podcast, Rob sits down with Eboni to discuss this week's historic events, her upcoming book, "Pretty Powerful" and what it's like to be the most disruptive force on America's most right-wing cable network.

Jayanta is “Disrupting the Landscape”

August 1, 2017

Jayanta Jenkins is the Global Group Creative Director of Twitter. Coming off his Cannes Lion Grand Prix-winning campaign, Jayanta sits down to discuss new media, old media, brand-agency relationships and the artistic and business lessons of Prince. Looking to hear from a truly disruptive and creative mind? Tune in here.


Rosie and Faris are “Disrupting Brands”

July 17, 2017
If you combined gypsies, intellectuals and a dash of a rock 'n' roll band on tour, you just might come up with Rosie and Faris Yakob. They are the disruptive masterminds of the itinerant pop culture and brand consultancy called, "Genius Steals." We took advantage of their moment in New York City to have a chat about the present and future of business, brands and a whole lot more. 

Iman is “Disrupting Media”

July 5, 2017

More than just a pretty face, former Miss New York, Iman Oubou, is building a media empire. As the CEO of Swaay Media, Iman is taking on the conventions of male-leaning business publications and dude-heavy business media to create relevant content and resources with a decidedly feminine and diverse edge. On this episode of the Disruptor Series, Rob Schwartz sits down with Iman and unpacks her disruptive story from Moroccan immigrant to beauty pageant winner to soon-to-be media mogul.  


Vanessa is “Disrupting Death”

June 14, 2017
Here's a Disruption: What if the most life-affirming film you will see this year is a film about death? That's the case with a wonderful new documentary called "Obit." On this podcast, Rob Schwartz sits down with Vanessa Gould, the visionary filmmaker behind "Obit." Listen in as they unearth the disruptive story behind the amazing people who write obituaries for the The New York Times -- and learn about their incredible subjects. You'll also hear how Vanessa threw away her lucrative corporate gig to pursue the wonders of storytelling and art. 

Tom is “Disrupting Disruption”

May 23, 2017

You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who is as prolific, as prescient, and as downright funny on social media as Tom Goodwin. The head of innovation for Zenith media, Tom is also a social media force of nature commenting, questioning and predicting the present and future of brands, marketing, technology, and communication. Listen in as Rob Schwartz fires up Tom and hears all about his new book that questions the very nature of books, learns how Disruption is ripe for disruption and finds out about the three types of companies in the world. Tom Goodwin has over 300,000 followers on LinkedIn and is one of Business Insiders "30 People to Follow on Twitter." This Disruptor Series Podcast will give you all the reasons why.