Disruptor Series Podcast Special: Live at Advertising Week with author Sam Conniff-Allende

November 1, 2018

 Sam Conniff-Allende will disrupt your perception of pirates and what they can teach us about 21st Century business. In fact, Sam argues that the Golden Age of Piracy pirates were the "Millennials of the sea." In fact, he's written an inspired book on the subject called "Be More Pirate: Or How To Take On The World And Win." In the book (and on stage here) Sam shows how real pirates like Blackbeard, Henry Morgan, Anne Bonny and Black Caesar wrote the blueprint for how to thrive in modern day capitalism using limited resource and unlimited ingenuity. In this live Disruptor Series Podcast, you'll learn everything you need to disrupt business as usual. As Steve Jobs once said, "I'd rather be a pirate, than join the Navy." Find out why here. 


Disruptor Series Special: Andrew Loog Oldham

September 26, 2018
A funny thing happened on Rob's way to doing legendary music producer and genius impresario Andrew Loog Oldham’s new podcast, “Sound + Vision.” We wound up creating a Disruptor Series Podcast at the exact same time. Listen in as Andrew and Rob discuss Rock ‘N’ Roll, The Rolling Stones and all manner of disruptive stuff. 
You can check out Andrew's podcast out on the below platforms & social channels.

Allison Kluger is “Disrupting Your Favorite Brand: You”

August 6, 2018


Allison Kluger teaches at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. She's also creator and Lecturer of “Project You: Building and Extending Your Personal Brand,” a course she teaches with model and TV Personality Tyra Banks. On this episode, she and Rob unpack what it takes to be a leader in this day and age. How to have presence in a room. And how to disrupt your personal brand. Allison has 25+ years of experience in broadcast media, entertainment, and digital platforms. She’s been nominated for an Emmy four times and was an original producer on the popular ABC show, The View. In other words, listen, and learn. 


Kerry Z Feuerman is Going to “Disrupt Your Next Presentation”

July 23, 2018
How’d your last presentation go? Did you sell the creative? Did you get a client to buy whatever you were selling? If not, listen in. On this episode of the Disruptor Series Podcast we hear from Kerry Z Feuerman, the author of the new book, “The 5 Deadly Sins of Presenting Creative Work.”  In conversation with Rob Schwartz, Kerry lays out the five sins: Blurting, Ad Whispering, Wanderlust, Telepathy and Impalement. He also gives some terrific advice on how to successfully present on conference calls. You can’t launch disruptive work in the world if you can’t sell it in the boardroom. Find out how, here. 

Adam Pierno and Rob Schwartz are “Disrupting Podcasts.”

June 28, 2018

This is the first Pod2Pod. On a single day, in the same studio, Adam Pierno, author of the new marketing strategy book “Under Think It,” appeared on the Disruptor Series with Rob Schwartz. And in the same session, the tables were turned and Rob was a guest on Adam’s show, “The Strategy Inside Everything.” Both episodes are here for you now, back to back, Pod2Pod, and allow you to listen in on the state of the advertising business from two of its sharpest minds. From two different ways in. 

Here's the link to Adam's episode interviewing Rob.

Todd Pasternack is “Disrupting Business Books”

June 7, 2018
Conventional business books dispense wisdom from the likes of GE’s Jack Welch or Twitter’s Jack Dorsey. But writer Todd Pasternack sees a Disruption. He believes there is wisdom from the likes of musicians like Jack White. Listen in as host Rob Schwartz and Todd unpack his new book, “Lessons from the Road: Musicians as Business Leaders.” And learn how to make your work and career sing. 

Joan Baker and Rudy Gaskins are “Disrupting our Ears”

March 14, 2018
From Siri to Alexa to the proliferation of animated shows and podcasts, the human voice is having a moment. And no one is relishing this moment more than the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences. Founded by actor and writer Joan Baker and Film and TV director Rudy Gaskins the Society of Voice Arts is on a mission to educate and celebrate the power and potential of speech and verbal communication for people, entertainment and brands. Listen in as Rob Schwartz, host of the Disruptor Series Podcast, unpacks this very vocal phenomenon.

Michael Farmer is “Chronicling the Disruptions of the Advertising Business”

February 26, 2018
Michael Farmer, the author of the best-selling book “Madison Avenue Manslaughter,” is deeply well-versed in the crisis that agencies and brands face today. It’s a crisis of growth. Trust. And money. Listen in as Michael lays out the problems and offers up practical and powerful solutions to agencies and CMOs.

Ryan Fey is “Disrupting His Advertising Career”

February 20, 2018
Ryan Fey is the star of the Food Network’s latest, delicious offering, “The Grill Dads.” Yet before he was on his way to becoming a culinary TV superstar, Ryan was building brands and running Omelet, the ad agency he founded. So why would a founder disrupt his business, throw caution to the wind and jump ship into a totally new profession? Tune in and find out as Disruptor Series Podcast host Rob Schwartz sits down with Ryan to understand what ingredients it takes to leave one successful gig and start another. 

Nancy Koehn is “Disrupting History”

January 22, 2018
Nancy Koehn is an historian and a professor at the Harvard Business School. She’s just written an incredible book on leadership called, “Forged In Crisis.” The book tells the story of five great leaders who emerged as a result of major disruptions in their lives. What’s also disruptive is her style. Her history reads like fiction. And at key moments in the book, Nancy “breaks the fourth wall,” to give you a lesson in leadership. Listen in as she and Rob unpack the leadership journeys of Ernest Shackleton, Abraham Lincoln, Fredrick Douglas, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Rachel Carson.