Disruptor Series

Bill Oakley is Disrupting The Drive Thru - Ep 78

April 6, 2021

I suspect a lot of the people who are writing these ads have never even tried these items.


Bill Oakley - former show-runner for The Simpsons - sheds light on his new gig as a highly sought after burger-reviewer, awards show founder (check out The Steamies) and start-up toy designer along with tips for marketers and influencers looking to authentically connect. 

Heralded as the Gordon Ramsey of Fast Food, Bill uses a combination of quick wit, engaging video and unbridled honesty to set him apart from traditional influencers which has made him a fan favorite of both 'foodies' and brands alike.  


Check out Bill's foray into the world of high end toy design: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/brenden-hyde/sneaker-sniffer-a-collectible-designer-toy-from-bill-oakley 


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Host - Rob Schwartz

Intro/Outro Voiced by Sophia Barnett

Producer - Rashida Peters

Executive Producers - Natalie Zeller / Rashida Peters / Asha Davis

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