Disruptor Series

Bill Tsapalas is Disrupting NYC’s Curbsides - Ep 82

June 3, 2021

If you are selfless in your intentions, selfless in your full engagement,

selfless in your expectations, things will eventually unfold in a positive way.


Bill Tsapalas is probably best known for his strategic creativity, having helmed creative campaigns for some of the industry's most notable brands and agencies.  What many may not know, is that Bill is fiercely passionate about the city of New York and the local neighborhoods that make it the best city in the world. 

At the outset of the pandemic, two of the city's most famed industries - Restaurants & The Arts - were completely upended.  This prompted Bill to use his skills and experience to help, and the Curbside Canvas project was born.  Over the past year, local restaurants and talented artists across NYC have partnered together to turn 'Streeateries' into Street Art - a concept that has proven so beneficial to both industries that it is continuing to live on even as NYC re-opens.

Trust us, this episode is definitely worth a listen - you may even get a surprise musical performance from Bill himself!


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