Disruptor Series

Brian Dolan is Disrupting The Workforce - Ep 85

July 28, 2021

"At a senior executive level, the talent pipeline has been starved for decades of diverse talent."


There's no denying that the 'way we work' has forever changed due to the pandemic.  With trends like 'The Great Resignation' emerging as companies / employees navigate what their 'return to the office' looks like, many believe the once-in-a-generation shifts we're about to see in corporate America have been a long time coming.

Since 2014 (that's pre-pandemic FYI), Brian Dolan, CEO of WorkReduce has been advocating for 'remote work' as a key asset to the advertising / marketing world due to its appeal to top talent across diverse backgrounds and its cost-effectiveness for both large and small scale businesses. 

In this episode, Brian connects the dots on how to drive diversity, reduce turnover and increase profitability by leaning in to the power of remote work.


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