Disruptor Series

Deanna Deacon is Disrupting Societal Norms

November 24, 2020

In the first ever 'all-female' Disruptor Series episode, Asha Davis has a candid conversation with Author, Empowerment Coach, Motivational Speaker and Intuitive Healer - Deanna Deacon.

Listen as Deanna discusses her new book: Feminine Warrior - Your Guide To Intuition & Feminine Wisdom and shares insights on how we can all use this moment in time to reflect and reset to ensure we're leading our most empowered lives. 

To our male listeners, don't let the "Woman Power" exuded in this interview lead you to believe that this episode isn't for you.  In fact, allow us to 'Disrupt the Societal Norms' that dictate what women and men 'should or shouldn't' care about.


Deanna Deacon Quotables:

"Every being that is alive has both masculine and feminine energy."

"...(We) have been leaning towards our masculine energy as a collective society.... As a culture we value so much, the productivity, the outcome, exactly what we’re going to get out at the end of us putting in that effort... If you focus all of your energy on that there’s not actually achievement."

"...balance both energies, the feminine being more of the present moment, the joy, the stopping to smell the roses...coming more into that creative nature within you where you can find solutions without having to seek them"


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Host - Asha Davis
Intro/Outro Voiced by Sophia Barnett
Executive Producer - Rashida Peters
Producer - Natalie Zeller
Audio Engineer/Sound Design - Corey Bauman

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