Disruptor Series

Delmonico’s is “Disrupting Fine Dining”

September 12, 2017
America's first restaurant is also one of the world's most disruptive. And in a world where 70% of restaurants fail, this year, Delmonico's is celebrating its 180th anniversary. Their key ingredient for success? Innovation. Delmonico's was the first to call itself a "restaurant," the first to operate as "farm to table," the first to print menus, the first to use table cloths, the first to have a wine cellar and the first restaurant to allow women to eat unaccompanied by men. Delmonico's was also the inventor of favorites like Eggs Benedict, Lobster Newberg and Baked Alaska. Listen in as Rob sits down with Delmonico's owner and managing partner Dennis Turcinovic and head of sales and marketing Carin Sarafian, to discuss why Delmonico's next 180 years will be as disruptive as the first 180.


Host - Rob Schwartz 

Intro/Outro Voiced by Theresa Howard/Sophia Barnett

Executive Producer - Dan Bradbury

Audio Engineer/Sound Design - Corey Bauman