Disruptor Series

Iman Oubou is “Disrupting Media”

July 5, 2017

More than just a pretty face, former Miss New York, Iman Oubou, is building a media empire. As the CEO of Swaay Media, Iman is taking on the conventions of male-leaning business publications and dude-heavy business media to create relevant content and resources with a decidedly feminine and diverse edge. On this episode of the Disruptor Series, Rob Schwartz sits down with Iman and unpacks her disruptive story from Moroccan immigrant to beauty pageant winner to soon-to-be media mogul.  


Host - Rob Schwartz 

Intro/Outro Voiced by Theresa Howard/Sophia Barnett

Executive Producer - Dan Bradbury

Audio Engineer/Sound Design - Corey Bauman