Disruptor Series

The Next Decade of Disruption: Jean Grow is Disrupting DEI IRL

October 31, 2021

The Next Decade of Disruption is a 3 episode series we've created in partnership with the 2021 3% Conference.  

"An empathetic truth is a way of sharing 'unvarnished realities' of what's happening in a corporate culture"

In the second episode of our series, Jean Grow - accomplished author, Professor Emeritus at Marquette university & Founder of GROW DEI Consultancy - breaks down what it really means to embody diversity, equity and inclusion into your business "in real life".

As the Chief TruthTeller at GROW, Jean is accustomed to enlightening professionals to realities that they are often less than comfortable with.  However, in a world where "DEI" is both the most important and most overused acronym in corporate America, it's these difficult conversations that lead to truly disruptive change.

To learn more about the 3% Movement, visit: https://www.3percentmovement.com


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Host - Rob Schwartz
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