Disruptor Series

Tom Goodwin is “Disrupting Disruption”

May 23, 2017

You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who is as prolific, as prescient, and as downright funny on social media as Tom Goodwin. The head of innovation for Zenith media, Tom is also a social media force of nature commenting, questioning and predicting the present and future of brands, marketing, technology, and communication. Listen in as Rob Schwartz fires up Tom and hears all about his new book that questions the very nature of books, learns how Disruption is ripe for disruption and finds out about the three types of companies in the world. Tom Goodwin has over 300,000 followers on LinkedIn and is one of Business Insiders "30 People to Follow on Twitter." This Disruptor Series Podcast will give you all the reasons why. 


Host - Rob Schwartz 

Intro/Outro Voiced by Theresa Howard/Sophia Barnett

Executive Producer - Dan Bradbury

Audio Engineer/Sound Design - Corey Bauman